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The Following is from Dean (Thanks Dean!)

Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2010 4:35 PM
To: Todd Smith
Subject: the Wayback Whens!

Hi Todd,
So I'm back in Manhattan. Was a good road trip, driving across Wisconsin
and Michigan then taking the Badger ferry boat across Lake Michigan in
the moonlight, then on to New York. Along the way I popped in your
Wayback Whens CD. At first I couldn't get it to play and thought it was
blank. Finally it started playing on track 6 and played through to
track# 12, but refused all efforts at playing tracks# 1 thru 5. But then
later it decided to play tracks 4 and 5 while 1 thru 3 remained
stubbornly silent. Not sure what's up with that, but I was sure
impressed with what I heard. It sounds clean and crisp and very well
crafted, like you guys really know what the heck it is you're doing. All
the parts are nicely balanced, no muss, no fuss, just straight ahead,
classic rock sounds. Rob's guitar has a pleasing, jangley eloquence,
flexible, fun and nimble. Wade's singing ranges from raw and rockin' to
smooth country ballads. You and Pete hit your marks with total
confidence and effortlessness. It all sounds so natural and convincing
and classic that you can't help but admire. It sounds like the work of
expert craftsmen. I guess by the time you're 50 you ougtta know a thing
or two, and it really shows on this CD. And I like that there's nothing
pretentious or ostentatious about it, no show-offey solo wankering or
kid-stuff theatrics. Just happy, well-made music by some guys who know
exactly what they're about. It's a beautiful thing, and I can see why
you guys are having a ball doing it. Please give Rob and Wade and Pete
my sincere compliments on their artistry and best wishes for the Wayback
Whens' well-deserved success.
ps: I'll get that CD to work somehow, maybe download to my computer and
burn a new dvd? I'll try something.


The Following is from Derek (Thanks Derek!)

To: Todd Smith
Subject: RE: TONIGHT!

Holy crap man! You guys ROCK!!!
What more can I say? YOU hold it down nice and tight, (aw I forget the guys names) the singers got a great voice and knows how to adjust guitar volume in the song. Your drummer is definitely solid, supplementing you nicely, and the guitarist. HOLY Moses! He smokes!! WOW
I’m not sure if you guys should be playin in Legions… Perhaps Whiskey Junction… J

Bill and I both very much enjoyed the music. It was good to see you too.
Very nice rig by the way.

Talk soon


Good show at the American Legion last night in Richfield...thankyou Waybacks



hey rod mitch here to tell you that i was really impressed with how talented you are...and versatile can change singing personalities just like "cybil"...ha ha ! keep up the great work!



We saw your great band in Rosemount about a month ago. We LOVE your music, and are wondering if you have a schedule, of where you will be playing during the next few months?

Most of our group (there's anywhere from 10-30 of us from time to time, and we dance almost every weekend) is from West Bloomington, so I'm guessing that you may play "locally"


Sandra J.


Just listening to The Wayback Whens. You guys are sharp! Together while laid-back in the beat, one of the toughest things to ever accomplish. Way to go, Wayback Whens!


You guys were awesome at Lucky's 13 last night. Great job!!! And, fun, fun, fun.

Lisa S.


You guy's sounded great! loved the new songs! Jump Jive and wail!

Thomas N.


"Hey thank you for play at the Pullman Club. You sure were a hit!!! Everyone told me to book you again. Great Job loved you guys!!!!"

Teresa B.

I got my "The Wayback Whens" hat in the mail today! SO excited to wear it. :) I'll post a picture when that occurs.

Grace S.


Thanks for another great night guys! You are awesome!


It was amazing how you guys just rocked that place it was on the verge of tipping over. I will definitely see you guys again. Thank You for music entertainment.​​

Scott B.


​​Thank you! You guys Rock! I had so much fun!

Emily S.


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Hi rockstar, Just messaging to let you know that all the time and practice you have worked at pretty much your whole life doesn't go ​unnoticed,when a guy like me takes the time to text you and say your band sounds awesome, and you wade have one of the best ​​vocal voices I've ever heard, you can change your sound from song to song, sounding like each and every band that you may be singing, sometimes when you guys play I forget your playing live and not a CD or the radio... so let this be a feather in your cap, a crown on the king, or a pat on the back buddy ! Great job!

Hot Rod Mitch

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Loved their music. They are talented musicians and singers. Very dance-able music. This was for a charity event and they were very professional and helpful in helping us promote before the event and also coordinating with our emceeing during the event. I would definitely use them again.

Client Ratings

Kim gave you the following star ratings based on your service at their event (1=lowest, 5=highest)​:

Professionalism: 5
Quality of service: 5
Ability to handle special requests: 5
Willingness to recommend to a friend: 5
Overall satisfaction: 5

​Many thanks to you and your band for your stellar performance last Saturday! Great demonstration of musicianship and vocals. My cousin suggested we find another reason to do this again. 




​Talent, talent, talent! This is a don't-miss band!!

Patty​​ B